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Discovering Self-Worth

Rumi-quoteYou are divine, therefore your worth is inherent.  You do not need to prove anything, because you already are the proof of divine love.  There is nothing you need to become in order to be ‘worthy.’  The challenge of being human is to reconcile your divinity with your humanity.  Your divinity is the perfection you were made with.   Your humanity is the suffering you have endured, it is the journey you have taken and the scars you have accumulated along the way.   We are perfection, we are made in perfection, then we go through human lifetimes which have both joy and suffering, and we get a little beat up.  We become, on the surface, less than perfect.  We may even be quite damaged, so that the world when it sees us, it no longer recognizes our perfection.  Humans are often not valued by the world, or we may think that our only value is in some tiny part of us that the world sees as valuable, like having a big house or great job.  However, our true value is always in our whole being, scars and all.  The world does not have the final say on what is worthy, because the world is the illusion of separateness, and through this illusion it sees duality instead of unity.  It creates a dichotomy which makes you then believe that what you are is not enough, but that you need to be something else, or something more.  If someone criticized the sky for being blue, or criticized a fish for being unable to fly, you would think them insane.  And yet we do this to ourselves and others all the time.  We decide we are not enough, that we are somehow not alright as we are, and then we project that onto others as well, and likewise others project their own perceived shortcomings onto us.  This is a state of madness.  The way out of this madness is to rediscover the connectedness to divine reality.  Remove the veil of illusion, the veil which makes you believe that you not divine, and you see the perfection, the inherent worth, in yourself, and in others. 

The journey has caused you to be a little beaten up, but the inherent perfection in you is intact, and now in addition, you have a tremendous story, you have the value of your wondrous journey through life as well and the scars to prove it.  Your perfection and your worth are never diminished no matter how many battle scars, no matter how much the world devalues you.  In fact, your worth increases with suffering by virtue of what you learn and what the universe learns through you.  If the world does not recognize your worth, it is not because your worth is not there.  If you feel imperfect, it is not because the perfection you were made with is not there.  What you are and where you are right now, in this moment, is what you are meant to be.  You do not need to justify yourself, or your place in this world, to anyone else.  You can simply be exactly what you are, knowing your value even if no one else sees it.  True self worth is one of those things that the world cannot give you, but that you must give to yourself.  Once you release the need for the world to acknowledge your worth, then you become the person you were meant to be.


Rhea Jamil

Love and Karma


The cycles of Karma have been perpetuated by love. How so? The origin and destiny of all things is love, the cosmic consciousness which connects all things is love, there is no getting away from that. We are all connected through karma, and Karma originates out of love as well. Think of it this way: could you go to heaven if your beloved is in hell? No, you never could. You might go, but your heart would remain with your suffering beloved and would never be at peace, and therefore you would never be fully in heaven, since heaven is eternal peace. In Buddhism, The Bodhisattva is one who achieves enlightenment, an end of their suffering, but stays in the karmic cycle out of their commitment to love, to be with those still suffering and show others the way. In a sense, we are all a kind of Bodhisattva, choosing to return to the darkness out of love. We are all one, so if you cannot go to heaven, neither can I. We will ascend or perish as one.

I believe what may have happened is this: in the beginning, we were one with source.  At some point, we decided to see what it was like to experience separateness. When we separated from source (which was done via the creation of an illusion that we were not of source), we became lost in unconsciousness. Since the Source sees us as beloved sees the lover, the source sent more and more parts of itself to bring back the lost ones back. This is like the shepherd analogy in the Bible, who will always look for his lost sheep. The source chose to not allow the lost sheep to wander forever in darkness, but has done everything it can to bring all beings back to itself, back to the light from which they originated. We, as humans, are all part of this divine project. We are the beings who have made this choice to go into the darkness and bring it back to the light. And in so doing, we have learned great lessons about what we are. We have learned by virtue of facing the energies which are not of source, namely fear, and in response we have expanded the energies which are of source, namely love. This love is not just love of what is good and beautiful and right. This is love that is unconditional, it does not require perfection, this is love that cannot be conquered by fear or darkness. This is the human love that stands strong in the face of suffering and has the power to transmute the dark illusionary forces into light. Our martyrdom has expanded the universe, which is built on love, since it has pushed the very boundaries of what love is capable of.

Your purpose, therefore, is to be the light in the dark place. The light is consciousness, the dark is unconsciousness. You brought the light here with you, it is you. Therefore your purpose is to be yourself. You release yourself from the cycles Karma by being the light that you already are, and then you become a beacon for others to release themselves. I believe Karma is much more forgiving than most people think, because the universe itself is without judgment, it is only here on this earthly unconscious plain that we judge. We are not here being punished for past misdeeds, rather we are here to learn how to shed the light in the darkness, and we have been willing to come here as many times as it takes for the light to fully penetrate the dark. In that process we have often gotten lost in the dark, but that is OK, it is all part of the process. In order to transcend the darkness of unconsciousness, one must fully experience it.  After all, you cannot transcend anything that you do not fully experience.


Rhea Jamil

Truth is Within You Part II: Beauty and Truth

Hindu-proverbTo find your truth, follow beauty – for truth and beauty are one in the same, there is no distinction between the two.  You can think of it this way: beauty is simply the heart’s version of truth.  Your heart houses beauty, your rational mind houses truth, but they are one in the same.  The mind, wanting to understand and rationalize everything, struggles with truth, because it questions and permutes everything it receives.  The heart however when it sees beauty, simply sees it and appreciates it for what it is without needing to know more.  It can then help the rational mind understand what to focus on and what not to.  

Truth and beauty are both found within, so what we are seeing when we deem something beautiful is a reflection of our beauty within, or our inner truth.  But here is the trick:  beauty and truth are only evident when fear is not present.  Fear is like a dirty lens which obscures the truth, and obscures beauty.  When one looks at something through the lens of fear, the heart chakra recoils, and usually when that happens the mind takes over without any direction from the heart.  This is what allows people to do terrible things in the name of what they think is “truth.”  If their heart were in the equation, it would be obvious to them that they are off-track.  When one looks on something and sees beauty, it opens the heart chakra.  The heart chakra connects us to everyone else and everything else, divisions cease to exist within heart and opposites are united.  Heart is the center of the wheel, the place which has no opposition, and is our connection to the impetus of creation.  The heartspace is where we come back to our connection to that which created us in the first place.  When you look upon beauty, you are looking from your heart.  Your heart cannot lead you astray, because it is your direct connection to your source.  Since we are all from the same source, we are all one.  So although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the beholder which sees beauty through me is the same beholder who sees beauty through you, even if we are looking at different things or different views of the same thing.  The perspective may appear different to us because we are here to experience a unique perspective, we are pieces of the universe looking at various dimensions of itself , but we are all looking at some unique aspect of the infinite and marveling at it.  This is why it doesn’t really matter what you see as truth, as long as what you are seeing is beautiful, because the beauty itself is the truth.  There is no reason for us to be in conflict when we are looking at truth through our hearts, even if it is from two seemingly different perspectives. 

All of this is really just another way of saying ‘find what resonates with you’, because the ‘resonance’ is your response to beauty, your response to truth.  If it does not resonate, simply put it aside without judgment and move on.  Does it move your heart and make you want to shout from the mountaintops?  If it does than pay attention to that, contemplate it, be with it.  Or, does it deplete your energy, or make you feel smaller?  If it does than don’t spend time contemplating it, but also don’t spend time resisting or judging it, just move on.  Follow your beauty, and leave the rest.

Bright blessings,

Rhea Jamil

Truth is Within You

Most people tend to look for the truth in the outer world, and they get frustrated with their search.  Most of us are looking for confirmation outside of us of what we already know in our hearts.  This is the reason why most good spiritual teachers when asked questions about the ‘truth’ will point you back to yourself, they will tell you to look within, as Teal Scott does here.  They will also often give you some guidance as to what to look for, and the guidance may helpful, but at the end of the day, you have to find it yourself.  The guidance should not be mistaken for the truth itself.  There is a saying that all religions are like fingers pointing to the moon, not the moon itself. 

You may expose yourself to many differing points of view, but it is your internal examination which leads you to align with it or not align with it.  No one else can do that work for you.  Anyone who says they have all the answers is, in addition to being full of Ego, just trying to get you to fall in line.  No one can possibly have all the answers, they can only have their answers.  They can only share their truth.  If their truth happens to work for you (it resonates with you), than contemplate it within.  If it does not work for you (you do not resonate with it), just set it aside and move on.   

Love and Light,

Rhea Jamil

How to Love Your Enemy

Love-cat-squirrelTo love the enemy is not just to love the outer enemy but the inner one.  It is to shed light and love on those parts of you that you would rather keep hidden in the dark.  As long as they are in the dark, they will be your enemy as you are theirs, bring them to the light of love and consciousness and they cease to be your enemy and visa versa.  Once this work is complete – it becomes very easy to love the enemy in the outer world as well, for you see that person as one who still lives in shadow, much like the parts of yourself that once did.  You have seen the power of love to remove the shadow and you can spread the light of love to your outer enemy with ease and grace.  All love starts with self love.   If you want to be a beacon of love to the world, begin by loving yourself, all of yourself, even your darkness.  Once you love your darkness, it ceases to be darkness.  It instead becomes part of your wholeness.  When you are undivided within yourself, you will begin to create an undivided world, a world without enemies.

Love and Light,

Rhea Jamil

Evolution of Consciousness


English: Conflict Resolution in Human Evolution

There is a lot of discussion about the current shift in consciousness as being the next step in human evolution.  But what does that really mean?  It is becoming clear that the ego-based identification with the mind is not serving humanity anymore, and so this shift in consciousness is our next step in the human evolutionary process.  This is a paradigm shift from identification with mind to identification with heart, which links us to essence, to all that is. 

Evolution works this way:  a species evolves a trait which is useful in a given environment, but when the environment changes, that usefulness dissolves and the organisms must shift to a new way of being, it must evolve a new trait or set of traits to cope with the changing environment – or it will perish.  The ego identification with mind evolved for a reason, it was useful to humans and helped us survive and adapt to many environments in the Neolithic age.  Now it’s lifespan is coming to an end.  It is coming to an end because what it has created in its current paradigm is now out of balance with nature and ready to destroy us; the world has changed since we first evolved the trait of identification with mind, and if we do not change then we perish.  Where we find ourselves right now is on the cusp of moving into a new way of being, we are evolving a new set of conscious traits (identification with heart, ability to connect to the transcendent realm while still in the body, integrating the transcendent and the physical) that will open up a new paradigm that will allow us to continue living on earth in balance.  But just as the first animals which attempted to shift from a paradigm of being earth-bound to taking flight must have crashed and burned a number of times before they were successful, so we are experiencing a similar type of chaos as we shift in to a higher dimension of awareness and consciousness.   

Evolution is not always pretty or easy.  The first fish to come out of the water onto land would have had a very hard time.  They would have struggled to move on land, and struggled to breath.  Thus they would have only come onto land for limited amounts of time before taking refuge back in the water.  Their desire to go to the land in the first place must have been driven by some environmental change which made it difficult for them to be in the water anymore.  Thus, they would have been uncomfortable in the water, and uncomfortable on the land for some time.  It would have been a very difficult time to be a fish.  After time, it would have become gradually easier, the dimensional shift from water to land would have begun to feel more and more natural.  This is what is happening to a lot of us now, and in fact has been going on perhaps for lifetimes.  It is why many of us are so ‘tired.’  We are exhausted like the fish, from the shift from one dimension to the other has taken a lot out of us; the “old” way of being in the world is not working for us, but the “new” way is something we are still adjusting to.  It does not quite feel natural to a lot of us but we know the shift is necessary.  The less you resist this paradigm shift, the easier it becomes, it is already becoming more natural for many, and soon it will be easier and more natural for all of us.  Be in a state of non-resistance, and every once in a while just stop and breath, listen to your heartbeat, quiet your mind, even if only for a moment.  Find the transcendent within yourself, your Eden within, and don’t worry if it is only fleeting.  That ‘fleeting’ feeling will gradually become more and more part of your reality.  Just as when the first birds were learning to fly, the first flights will be brief, but soon we will all be soaring. 

Love and light,

Rhea Jamil

Non-Attachment: Is It Possible?


Mind is the creator of attachment, not heart.  Many confuse non-attachment with detachment.  We envision a hermit living life in a cave with no companionship, and that is very unappealing for most of us.  Most of us want to have relationships, to have children, to have friends, to make love, to enjoy life, etc.  Can we do all of that in a state of non-attachment?  Non-attachment is not a lack of love, it is not a lack of connection, quite the opposite.  I would in fact define non-attachment as akin to unconditional love.  Non-attachment is actually a state of very deep connection, connection to source, to self, to all.  It is connection without conditions, without any need to prove anything or for anything else to prove itself to you.  Mind creates ego and ego creates attachment because it needs attachment to feel real, and to feel justified.  It needs to latch on to something to say “aha – that is what I am!”  The soul needs no justification, it does not need anything outside itself to tell it what it is.  The soul thus has no attachments, only the mind does.  Therefore the state of non-attachment is the state of being in deep connection with your soul, and your soul by nature is connected to every being on earth and everything in the universe. 


The state of attachment is a state of mind, it is a state of believing that things and situations in the outer world are what define you – your job, your money, your country, your relationships, your story, your talents, etc.  And if you lose one of these things, or if you attach yourself to something that you can’t obtain in the immediate moment (i.e – “I’ll be happy once I have that job, that house, that partner”), you suffer because you feel incomplete as a person, or you feel as if you’ve lost part of yourself.  You also feel fear of losing these things, because fear is imagining the potential future instead of being in the moment.  Thus, another key to non-attachment is living in the moment.  If you are always in fear of losing someone or something, you cannot enjoy the connection which you share in the moment.  The connection you have in the moment with someone, without conditions or fears, is always joyful.  Non-attachment in a relationship, for example, means not that you are detached from the person you are in a relationship with, it means that you are deeply connected, but that you recognize that the connection itself is what matters, and not how it looks to others, or what the outcome of the relationship will be – after all, every relationship you have will eventually end, either through separation or death.  Thus attaching oneself to the outcome of any relationship will only cause suffering.  Because all forms are impermanent, they must be appreciated in the moment, as they are, without conditions.


The other mis-perception is that if you are in a state of non-attachment that you won’t ever feel the pain of loss.  The pain of loss, or grief, is part of being human.  Sorry, there is no way around it.  I feel certain that even Buddha and Jesus and all the ascended masters felt the pain of grief at some point during their lives on earth.  It is natural to feel grief-stricken if you lose a fellow human being from the earthly realm.  The difference is only that in a state of non-attachment, the grief will not overtake you, it will not become part of your pain body, your story.  It will be felt, processed, and eventually transmuted.  It will pass through you instead of overtake you.  It will be recognized as a symptom of deep love and connection, along with the awareness that the connection never truly dies.  Connection itself, or love, is the eternal essence within which all impermanent forms arise and fade away.  As Rumi said “The lover’s pain is also the lover’s greatest joy.”  The pain of loss or separation is an aspect of deep connection, and the connection is the source of joy.  This becomes clearer in a state of non-attachment, where all connection is joyful because it is without conditions. 


Suffering is the belief that you are not God, that you are not connected to anything else in creation or anyone else on a deeper level.  Because you are out of touch with your connection to anything on the soul level, you instead create attachments via the ego.  These attachments then become what defines you because you are unaware of your true divine nature.  The root of the suffering thus is being unaware of your own divinity and connection to all else.  The attachments are like a symptom of being in that state.  Eastern philosophies such as Buddhism stress the link between attachment and suffering.  The only way to truly release your attachments in the end, is to get in touch with your essential self, your divine self, the part of you that needs no justification, no identity, no attachments.  Then releasing ego-based attachments happens naturally.  To get in touch with your divine, essential self, find the stillness within.  Meditation is the easiest way to do this.  If you do not already have a meditation practice, begin simply by sitting quietly and focusing on the breath, and on the heartbeat.  As thoughts come, simply allow them to pass through without judgment and bring your focus back to the breath and the heartbeat.  The still awareness behind your thoughts is the gateway to the Eden within you.  Non-attachment will flow naturally from that place.  There is no need to focus on non-attachment, it will happen as a result of your heightening consciousness and your connection to your true, divine self.




Rhea Jamil

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