How to Love Your Enemy

Love-cat-squirrelTo love the enemy is not just to love the outer enemy but the inner one.  It is to shed light and love on those parts of you that you would rather keep hidden in the dark.  As long as they are in the dark, they will be your enemy as you are theirs, bring them to the light of love and consciousness and they cease to be your enemy and visa versa.  Once this work is complete – it becomes very easy to love the enemy in the outer world as well, for you see that person as one who still lives in shadow, much like the parts of yourself that once did.  You have seen the power of love to remove the shadow and you can spread the light of love to your outer enemy with ease and grace.  All love starts with self love.   If you want to be a beacon of love to the world, begin by loving yourself, all of yourself, even your darkness.  Once you love your darkness, it ceases to be darkness.  It instead becomes part of your wholeness.  When you are undivided within yourself, you will begin to create an undivided world, a world without enemies.

Love and Light,

Rhea Jamil

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