Truth is Within You

Most people tend to look for the truth in the outer world, and they get frustrated with their search.  Most of us are looking for confirmation outside of us of what we already know in our hearts.  This is the reason why most good spiritual teachers when asked questions about the ‘truth’ will point you back to yourself, they will tell you to look within, as Teal Scott does here.  They will also often give you some guidance as to what to look for, and the guidance may helpful, but at the end of the day, you have to find it yourself.  The guidance should not be mistaken for the truth itself.  There is a saying that all religions are like fingers pointing to the moon, not the moon itself. 

You may expose yourself to many differing points of view, but it is your internal examination which leads you to align with it or not align with it.  No one else can do that work for you.  Anyone who says they have all the answers is, in addition to being full of Ego, just trying to get you to fall in line.  No one can possibly have all the answers, they can only have their answers.  They can only share their truth.  If their truth happens to work for you (it resonates with you), than contemplate it within.  If it does not work for you (you do not resonate with it), just set it aside and move on.   

Love and Light,

Rhea Jamil

6 thoughts on “Truth is Within You

  1. What is someones Truth today may change tomorrow… In bygone years the world was thought to be flat, and we would sail off the end of the ocean.. Today knowledge has expanded that truth.. I live in hope that one day many more will awaken to the Real Truth within them, and see less of the illusion we have created externally and delve deeper into the real Truth within themselves…

    Keep spreading your own words of wisdom and knowledge Rhea… the world needs more to spread the words of Truth and Light..

    • Thank you for your beautiful words Sue. Indeed as we expand, intellectually and spiritually, our truth expands also. Once we thought the earth was the center of the universe, which was thought to extend only as far as our eyes could see. Now we know the unfathomable expanse of the universe in which we are a tiny planet orbiting an unremarkable star at the edge of an unremarkable galaxy, one of billions of galaxies just like it. This expanse of external intellectual truth is now being followed by a similar expanse of internal spiritual truth, the true vastness of spiritual truth is just waiting to be deliciously uncovered from within by seekers all around the world; thank you for your contribution to the expansion of spiritual truth! I truly enjoy following your blog.
      Rhea Jamil

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