Truth is Within You Part II: Beauty and Truth

Hindu-proverbTo find your truth, follow beauty – for truth and beauty are one in the same, there is no distinction between the two.  You can think of it this way: beauty is simply the heart’s version of truth.  Your heart houses beauty, your rational mind houses truth, but they are one in the same.  The mind, wanting to understand and rationalize everything, struggles with truth, because it questions and permutes everything it receives.  The heart however when it sees beauty, simply sees it and appreciates it for what it is without needing to know more.  It can then help the rational mind understand what to focus on and what not to.  

Truth and beauty are both found within, so what we are seeing when we deem something beautiful is a reflection of our beauty within, or our inner truth.  But here is the trick:  beauty and truth are only evident when fear is not present.  Fear is like a dirty lens which obscures the truth, and obscures beauty.  When one looks at something through the lens of fear, the heart chakra recoils, and usually when that happens the mind takes over without any direction from the heart.  This is what allows people to do terrible things in the name of what they think is “truth.”  If their heart were in the equation, it would be obvious to them that they are off-track.  When one looks on something and sees beauty, it opens the heart chakra.  The heart chakra connects us to everyone else and everything else, divisions cease to exist within heart and opposites are united.  Heart is the center of the wheel, the place which has no opposition, and is our connection to the impetus of creation.  The heartspace is where we come back to our connection to that which created us in the first place.  When you look upon beauty, you are looking from your heart.  Your heart cannot lead you astray, because it is your direct connection to your source.  Since we are all from the same source, we are all one.  So although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the beholder which sees beauty through me is the same beholder who sees beauty through you, even if we are looking at different things or different views of the same thing.  The perspective may appear different to us because we are here to experience a unique perspective, we are pieces of the universe looking at various dimensions of itself , but we are all looking at some unique aspect of the infinite and marveling at it.  This is why it doesn’t really matter what you see as truth, as long as what you are seeing is beautiful, because the beauty itself is the truth.  There is no reason for us to be in conflict when we are looking at truth through our hearts, even if it is from two seemingly different perspectives. 

All of this is really just another way of saying ‘find what resonates with you’, because the ‘resonance’ is your response to beauty, your response to truth.  If it does not resonate, simply put it aside without judgment and move on.  Does it move your heart and make you want to shout from the mountaintops?  If it does than pay attention to that, contemplate it, be with it.  Or, does it deplete your energy, or make you feel smaller?  If it does than don’t spend time contemplating it, but also don’t spend time resisting or judging it, just move on.  Follow your beauty, and leave the rest.

Bright blessings,

Rhea Jamil

One thought on “Truth is Within You Part II: Beauty and Truth

  1. Many thanks for following Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary. I am just catching up with my new followers.. You have a lovely site and a wonderful outlook on life. If only all could see that beauty is within each of us.. And that we are all connected to the pulse and heartbeat of Mother Earth..
    Mother Earth has always been our garden of Eden. It can be again.. if we all learn to live from our hearts…

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