Take what works for you, and leave the rest

Take what works for you, and leave the rest. This is the secret to a happy existence. There is no need to resist what doesn’t resonate with you, there is also no need to judge it. Many wise men and women have given this advice to seekers. When you are a seeker of truth, you will come across many varied ideas and perspectives. It can become confusing and even frustrating when you find different ideas which seem on the surface to conflict. The key is not to cling to any belief or truth. When you learn something that works for you, your job is to be full in the experience of that truth, but always leave room for further clarification, further refinement, or even dramatic alteration of that particular perspective or truth. In other words, like with anything, do not become attached. If you cling too strongly the idea or truth, it can quickly become something that possess you, and can stop your growth instead of helping you along the way to greater and greater truths. It can instead close you off to future revelations. If you stay on the path of seeking with an open mind and heart, you will find it is a never ending process, because the nature of the universe is infinite, so that finding the one final “truth” is akin to finding the smallest particle of matter, it may not exist, but that does not mean that the effort of searching for it is pointless, it means that the process of searching is the point and the end in itself.

Rhea Jamil

All As Truth – Wisdom from Story Waters

Freedom is not superior to limitation;
with this realization I am able to choose freedom.

Happiness is not superior to suffering;
with this realization I am able to let go of suffering

Abundance is not superior to poverty;
with this realization my abundance flows.

Nothing is superior to anything;
with this knowing I step out from
hierarchy, competition and struggle.

In this state I do not judge life;
therefore I do not feel separate from it.

I am so glad of the diversity in the world;
in its reflection I see my own freedom
to be whatever I wish to be.

We are not here to be one;
we are here to be many.

Through seeing that beyond this illusion we are all one,
we free ourselves to be the many.

I am not tied to any singular path to be a certain way.

I am diverse.

I am ever changing.

I am an explorer of All As Truth

~Story Waters

Truth is Within You Part II: Beauty and Truth

Hindu-proverbTo find your truth, follow beauty – for truth and beauty are one in the same, there is no distinction between the two.  You can think of it this way: beauty is simply the heart’s version of truth.  Your heart houses beauty, your rational mind houses truth, but they are one in the same.  The mind, wanting to understand and rationalize everything, struggles with truth, because it questions and permutes everything it receives.  The heart however when it sees beauty, simply sees it and appreciates it for what it is without needing to know more.  It can then help the rational mind understand what to focus on and what not to.  

Truth and beauty are both found within, so what we are seeing when we deem something beautiful is a reflection of our beauty within, or our inner truth.  But here is the trick:  beauty and truth are only evident when fear is not present.  Fear is like a dirty lens which obscures the truth, and obscures beauty.  When one looks at something through the lens of fear, the heart chakra recoils, and usually when that happens the mind takes over without any direction from the heart.  This is what allows people to do terrible things in the name of what they think is “truth.”  If their heart were in the equation, it would be obvious to them that they are off-track.  When one looks on something and sees beauty, it opens the heart chakra.  The heart chakra connects us to everyone else and everything else, divisions cease to exist within heart and opposites are united.  Heart is the center of the wheel, the place which has no opposition, and is our connection to the impetus of creation.  The heartspace is where we come back to our connection to that which created us in the first place.  When you look upon beauty, you are looking from your heart.  Your heart cannot lead you astray, because it is your direct connection to your source.  Since we are all from the same source, we are all one.  So although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the beholder which sees beauty through me is the same beholder who sees beauty through you, even if we are looking at different things or different views of the same thing.  The perspective may appear different to us because we are here to experience a unique perspective, we are pieces of the universe looking at various dimensions of itself , but we are all looking at some unique aspect of the infinite and marveling at it.  This is why it doesn’t really matter what you see as truth, as long as what you are seeing is beautiful, because the beauty itself is the truth.  There is no reason for us to be in conflict when we are looking at truth through our hearts, even if it is from two seemingly different perspectives. 

All of this is really just another way of saying ‘find what resonates with you’, because the ‘resonance’ is your response to beauty, your response to truth.  If it does not resonate, simply put it aside without judgment and move on.  Does it move your heart and make you want to shout from the mountaintops?  If it does than pay attention to that, contemplate it, be with it.  Or, does it deplete your energy, or make you feel smaller?  If it does than don’t spend time contemplating it, but also don’t spend time resisting or judging it, just move on.  Follow your beauty, and leave the rest.

Bright blessings,

Rhea Jamil

Truth is Within You

Most people tend to look for the truth in the outer world, and they get frustrated with their search.  Most of us are looking for confirmation outside of us of what we already know in our hearts.  This is the reason why most good spiritual teachers when asked questions about the ‘truth’ will point you back to yourself, they will tell you to look within, as Teal Scott does here.  They will also often give you some guidance as to what to look for, and the guidance may helpful, but at the end of the day, you have to find it yourself.  The guidance should not be mistaken for the truth itself.  There is a saying that all religions are like fingers pointing to the moon, not the moon itself. 

You may expose yourself to many differing points of view, but it is your internal examination which leads you to align with it or not align with it.  No one else can do that work for you.  Anyone who says they have all the answers is, in addition to being full of Ego, just trying to get you to fall in line.  No one can possibly have all the answers, they can only have their answers.  They can only share their truth.  If their truth happens to work for you (it resonates with you), than contemplate it within.  If it does not work for you (you do not resonate with it), just set it aside and move on.   

Love and Light,

Rhea Jamil

Choice vs. Victimhood


Everything in your life is a choice.  What you have created in life is what you have attracted to you, by virtue of your own choosing.  The unconscious or ‘unenlightened’ state is one of being unaware of this fact, and believing instead that you are a victim of the world.  For many of us, it is difficult to come to terms with the idea that we have chosen all of our suffering.  We often feel like victims, and indeed we wonder ‘why on earth would I have chosen that? No one in their right mind would choose that!’  Let me offer an example to help reconcile this paradox.  Imagine you are in a car with some friends and you are driving.  Your friends tell you to drive faster, and you do.  They continue to egg you on to drive faster and you comply.  Then, a cop pulls you over.  Who gets the ticket?  You do. You are the one who pays the consequence (endures the suffering) because you are ultimately the one who’s foot was on the accelerator and thus it was your decision.  However there is another point of view that would say that your friends are to blame, because if they had not told you to go faster, you would not have.  This is also true, however your friends are not the ones who suffer the consequences.  From this perspective, you look more like the victim.  There is also a way in which you are both.  Yes, you should not have listened to your friends, but your friends should not have been egging you on either.  You and your friends co-created the situation, but you did have a choice.  In this analogy, your friends are the larger influence of the unconscious world driven by ego.  We are here to learn to stand up for our truth and say to our ‘friends’ ‘no – I’m not going to drive faster.  This is the speed I want to go, this is my truth.’  It can be very difficult when you friends are yelling in your ear and if you believe your friends are the final authority on everything, i.e. if you believe the power in the world is greater than the power in you, you are very likely to go along.  It is only when the consequences start showing up that we begin to learn that we need to stand in our own truth, even if it takes us out of our ‘comfort zone’ at the time.  When you learn to do this, it will be uncomfortable for a while, because you will have to withstand the ‘friends’ onslaught while standing by your truth.  However, you know that they are not the ultimate authority, and this gives you the strength to do this.  

The world (by which I specifically mean the illusionary world which is driven by ego) will try to push you in directions that do not feel right to you, it will try to convince you that it is the ultimate authority and the ultimate reality.  It can be very convincing.   You could decide to blame the world, as in the above scenario you would blame your friends.  You can decide that you are the victim.  That decision is not entirely untrue as in the example above, from a certain perspective yes, you are the victim, however that is also the position in which you negate your own power.  If you focus on the power the world has over you and decide you are the victim, you give away your own power.  At the end of the day, you – your essential, highest self – is the one who has the power.  You are the only one who can stand in your truth, you are the only one who can control your perception, your reaction, your inner state.  The key is finding your inner knowing, the part of you that is capable of withstanding peer pressure is also the part of you that knows your own truth and knows your own power.  It is the part that knows you are the one in control, no matter what the rest of the world is trying to convince you of.

There is a very real way in which the human race is like a teenager who is finally growing up and realizing, “hey, I know who I am, I know what I’m about, I don’t need to give into pressure from others, from the outside world, or from the ego, I do have my own power, within me.”  We are waking up from the ‘victim’ mode of being and beginning to find our power, which we had the whole time we just did not realize it.  We are like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, who had the power to go home the whole time, she just didn’t realize it.  However by the same token, if she had realized it and gone home immediately, she would not have learned the valuable lessons that she needed to – about her own mind, heart, and courage – reflected back to her by her friends the scarecrow, tin man and lion.  So, we needed to learn some things, and we found the perfect reflections in each life to learn what we needed to, but we have had the power to enlighten ourselves (go home) the whole time, we are just finally waking up and growing into it. 

-Rhea Jamil