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Evolution of Consciousness


English: Conflict Resolution in Human Evolution

There is a lot of discussion about the current shift in consciousness as being the next step in human evolution.  But what does that really mean?  It is becoming clear that the ego-based identification with the mind is not serving humanity anymore, and so this shift in consciousness is our next step in the human evolutionary process.  This is a paradigm shift from identification with mind to identification with heart, which links us to essence, to all that is. 

Evolution works this way:  a species evolves a trait which is useful in a given environment, but when the environment changes, that usefulness dissolves and the organisms must shift to a new way of being, it must evolve a new trait or set of traits to cope with the changing environment – or it will perish.  The ego identification with mind evolved for a reason, it was useful to humans and helped us survive and adapt to many environments in the Neolithic age.  Now it’s lifespan is coming to an end.  It is coming to an end because what it has created in its current paradigm is now out of balance with nature and ready to destroy us; the world has changed since we first evolved the trait of identification with mind, and if we do not change then we perish.  Where we find ourselves right now is on the cusp of moving into a new way of being, we are evolving a new set of conscious traits (identification with heart, ability to connect to the transcendent realm while still in the body, integrating the transcendent and the physical) that will open up a new paradigm that will allow us to continue living on earth in balance.  But just as the first animals which attempted to shift from a paradigm of being earth-bound to taking flight must have crashed and burned a number of times before they were successful, so we are experiencing a similar type of chaos as we shift in to a higher dimension of awareness and consciousness.   

Evolution is not always pretty or easy.  The first fish to come out of the water onto land would have had a very hard time.  They would have struggled to move on land, and struggled to breath.  Thus they would have only come onto land for limited amounts of time before taking refuge back in the water.  Their desire to go to the land in the first place must have been driven by some environmental change which made it difficult for them to be in the water anymore.  Thus, they would have been uncomfortable in the water, and uncomfortable on the land for some time.  It would have been a very difficult time to be a fish.  After time, it would have become gradually easier, the dimensional shift from water to land would have begun to feel more and more natural.  This is what is happening to a lot of us now, and in fact has been going on perhaps for lifetimes.  It is why many of us are so ‘tired.’  We are exhausted like the fish, from the shift from one dimension to the other has taken a lot out of us; the “old” way of being in the world is not working for us, but the “new” way is something we are still adjusting to.  It does not quite feel natural to a lot of us but we know the shift is necessary.  The less you resist this paradigm shift, the easier it becomes, it is already becoming more natural for many, and soon it will be easier and more natural for all of us.  Be in a state of non-resistance, and every once in a while just stop and breath, listen to your heartbeat, quiet your mind, even if only for a moment.  Find the transcendent within yourself, your Eden within, and don’t worry if it is only fleeting.  That ‘fleeting’ feeling will gradually become more and more part of your reality.  Just as when the first birds were learning to fly, the first flights will be brief, but soon we will all be soaring. 

Love and light,

Rhea Jamil

Welcome to the journey


Enlightenment is like the moon reflected on the water.
The moon does not get wet, nor is the water broken.
Although its light is wide and great,
The moon is reflected even in a puddle an inch wide.
The whole moon and the entire sky
Are reflected in one dewdrop on the grass.
~ Master Dōgen

Inside you, this moment, is peace. Inside you, this moment, is joy. Inside you, this moment, is unconditional love. Stop looking for these things in the outside world, they will never be found there, they are only found within. Having trouble finding them? You’re not alone.

Within is not a small place, it is not confining. Within is incomprehensibly vast. Many people avoid going within thinking that it is a limited place. We think it means ‘inside our bodies’ or ‘inside our heads’ and we know our bodies and our heads have limits, so how can all we the answers be in there? But this is a fallacy of our perception and exposes a flaw in our own idea of what the ‘self’ is. We think we the ‘self’ is a limited being, when in fact it is limitless consciousness itself. You are consciousness which has chosen form and will soon enough chose to move out of form, but the form itself is a temporary construct which creates an idea of a separate reality. An ego then latches itself to that separate reality, identifies with it as ‘me’ and solidifies an illusion of separateness. We then find ourselves in these limited forms, believing ‘I’ am here and ‘you’ are there and there is no deeper connection between us. When we find our true unlimited self again, within this form, then we are set free from this limited ‘me’. Then we remember our vastness. Then we know that all we see ‘out there’ is really ‘in here’, because it is simply an extension of consciousness itself, which is what we are, and as such we are one with all of it. That is why the answers are only found within. The ‘out there’ is a concept, not a reality. It is a concept because we believe the ‘out there’ is separate, when it is not. The reality is that the ‘in here’ is what creates the ‘out there’ to begin with. Eden, which I define as divine peace, can only be found when we lose this illusion of separateness and reconnect to the truth of our divine nature, to the fact that we are one with everything. Humanity is on the path to reconnecting with this truth. If you are reading this, you are on that path.
Rhea Jamil