Take what works for you, and leave the rest

Take what works for you, and leave the rest. This is the secret to a happy existence. There is no need to resist what doesn’t resonate with you, there is also no need to judge it. Many wise men and women have given this advice to seekers. When you are a seeker of truth, you will come across many varied ideas and perspectives. It can become confusing and even frustrating when you find different ideas which seem on the surface to conflict. The key is not to cling to any belief or truth. When you learn something that works for you, your job is to be full in the experience of that truth, but always leave room for further clarification, further refinement, or even dramatic alteration of that particular perspective or truth. In other words, like with anything, do not become attached. If you cling too strongly the idea or truth, it can quickly become something that possess you, and can stop your growth instead of helping you along the way to greater and greater truths. It can instead close you off to future revelations. If you stay on the path of seeking with an open mind and heart, you will find it is a never ending process, because the nature of the universe is infinite, so that finding the one final “truth” is akin to finding the smallest particle of matter, it may not exist, but that does not mean that the effort of searching for it is pointless, it means that the process of searching is the point and the end in itself.

Rhea Jamil

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